I got bias with Lee Jong Hyun (C.N. Blue)

I just post some of Lee Jong Hyun photos that I took robbed from tumblr and another web :)

 Jong Hyun when singing

 He always give me chocolate when valentine #digaplok
With Yonghwa & Min Hyuk.. Kawaii~~~ #bungkus #bawapulang

I hope Jung Shin was meeeee~~ #stress

Look at their expression.. hahaha XDD

Mitte,,mitte,, He always thinking of me anywhere.. *diamuk warga sekampung*

Another weird expression..XD

He's cool when he play the guitar *and sing a song for me :p* #plaakk

I think I just can post this images. My internet connection's very very slow. O yeaah,, credit for fuckyeahcnblue@tumblr for all photos.
Ja mata ne~~ ^^

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